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ProntoJAUS Software Development Kit*

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One of the first of its kind, the ProntoJAUS from Kairos Autonomi enables unique unmanned and robotic systems to communicate and operate with each other independent of design. The ProntoJAUS provides a common conceptualized view of all robotics regardless of each robot’s hardware or software. With this software, two unique robots are able to share messaging schemes and information for optimal interoperability.

*The ProntoJAUS is based upon the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems developed by industry collaboration. Visit http://standards.sae.org/as6091/ for more information.

JAUS implementation process (click to enlarge).

Using shared memory architectures, ProntoJAUS utilizes a single DLL structure to achieve JAUS interoperability. Other components include functional, stand-alone, file-defined JAUS Nodes, a Builder that generates complete JAUS system architectures and an Interrogator that functions independent of the “a priori” limitation.


  • JAUS interoperable
  • More than 50,000 lines of code
  • Single JAUS compliant DLL
    • Event driven, multi-threaded, application callbacks
  • Self-aware of JAUS V3.2
    • Message codes, component IDs
    • No need to re-enter standard into application
  • Application level shared memory variables
    • Assign shared variables to application specifics

    JAUS assigning Shared Variables (click to enlarge).

  • Remote query of JAUS Structure
  • Active X, .NET
  • Programming compatibility
    • COM, COM+ technology
    • Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio 2005
    • Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C#
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista


  • UDP, IP
    • Client / server at application level supplied or third party drivers
  • Named pipes
    • Stand-alone operation of communications between separate executables
  • Serial
    • RS-232/422/485 packet assembly and disassembly
  • Generic
    • Media independent driver for custom transport, such as MIL-STD-1553and MIL-STD-1760

      JAUS communications options shown from the Workbench (click to enlarge).


JAUS Library DLL and type libraries

JAUS Workbench — Interface directly with the DLL, validate and manage messages, communicate.

JAUS Workbench showing video server example (click to enlarge).

JAUS Node Create functional stand-alone JAUS nodes

JAUS Nodes reporting video (click to enlarge).

JAUS Builder Generate complete JAUS system architectures in a visual, hierarchal view

JAUS Builder hierarchy (click to enlarge).

JAUS Manual Head Perform ad-hoc interrogation of JAUS system independent of "a priori" limitation

JAUS Manual Head requesting information (click to enlarge).

The Builder provides a hierarchal approach to JAUS system creation and then generates a human-readable text file that defines the entire system. The Node program can then read this file to create the user-defined JAUS system. Diagnostic tools speed verification of system functionality.

Exploring the elements of JAUS Node (click to enlarge).


ProntoJAUS applications range from creating a JAUS system with zero user-written software using existing executables, to creating stand-alone JAUS components with a software pipe interface, to utilizing an existing system with shared variables as the only interface, all the way to constructing a full system from the ground up.

JAUS messages speaking with each other (click to enlarge).

The DLL has all JAUS message and component classes, as well as many helper classes. JAUS components can be instantiated with as little as one line of code, and you can instantiate an entire JAUS system from one text file. Other implementation features include:

  • Instantiate JAUS component in one line of code
  • Instantiate entire JAUS system from one text file
  • Shell classes for component customization
  • Programmatically install service connections
  • Core messages automatically handled
  • Compilers for routes and messages

The ActiveX DLL contains ad hoc messages with diagnostic component, either global or addressed message logging and access to message parameters with shared variables and initial values. You can also create dynamic components and messages to meet unique requirements.

JAUS working with the Pronto4™ Agnostic Autonomy System (click to enlarge).

The Kairos AutonomiProntoJAUS is the first step in meeting the Department of Defense mandate of unmanned system interoperability, and it offers a smooth avenue for JAUS compliance.