Kairos Autonomi:Strap-on Autonomy Systems for Existing Vehicles

    Kairos Unmanned Vehicles Collage

Universal, Optionally Unmanned Ground Systems for Steering-wheel Based Vehicles or Vessels

Pronto4 Support Products

Pronto4 Push/Pull Cables
These cables connect the Pronto4 system actuators to the vehicle. Cables for the brake, throttle and transmission are available.

KA_Transmission Push/Pull Cable
Cable Diagram

Pronto4 I/O Module
This module includes four (4) analog inputs, four (4) digital I/O points and two (2) analog outputs for real-world interfacing with external sensors or other devices on the Pronto4 system. The module also includes software for interfacing to the ProntoMimic software suite.
Pronto4 System External I/O Module

Vibration Mount Dampening System
A mounting system specifically designed for the Pronto4 system that minimizes vibration or shock to installed enclosures.

Pronto4 System Vibration Mount Dampening System
M998 Steering Wheel Clamp Set
These clamps allow the Pronto4 steering actuator to attach to and control the steering wheel of an M998.
Pronto4 System HMMWV Clamp Set

KA Communications / Relay Tower

Built to enhance Moving Land Targets range operations, the Kairos Autonomi Communications Tower is a two-person portable mast capable of withstanding high winds.

Each tower includes two 16-foot telescoping poles with three 4-foot legs. The assembly process includes a pre-stress step that solidifies the tower for use. Comms antennas, radios, GPS antennas, cameras or other equipment can be mounted to the mast. The tower includes its own power supply via a solar panel and vehicle battery.

Communications / Relay Tower