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What's New?

October 2016
Kairos participates in Army Warfighting Assessment 17.1 at Ft. Bliss, TX. AWA assesses new and emerging capabilities.


Oct 12-15, 2016
Kairos' products are on display at the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition in NASAM's Booth #W3-009.

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June 25, 2015
Kairos Begins The Push For 1/3 Unmanned By 2015 Campaign



Universal, Optionally Unmanned Ground Systems for Steering-wheel Based Vehicles or Vessels

Pronto4™ Safety Direct - Wireless E-stop and Handheld Controller

Designed by Kairos Autonomi specifically for use with the Pronto4 system, the Safety Direct provides wireless E-stop and control capability for enhancing Pronto4 operations.

Safety Direct Data Sheet


• A multi-level, wireless E-stop for optionally unmanned and autonomous vehicles 

• Handheld transmitter controls independent Run, Pause and Stop modes 

• Enables direct, local tele-operation control of the vehicle from a safe distance 

• Provides visual, vibratory and audible feedback 

• Delivers safety and operational status from the Pronto4 

• Battery, comms and usage status of the Safety Direct 

• Power on / off, Pause, E-stop, 4 axis control, battery charging, Ethernet, 802.15.4, 802.11, USB

• Hardened enclosure enables ruggedized use

• E-stop modes of Run, Pause and Stop

• Available in a variety of frequencies

• Carrying handle doubles as an antenna

• LCD backlit for night ops, full sunlight visibility

• Attaches and releases local control of all equipped Pronto4s in range

• Enhanced versions available, 9 DOF sensor, GPS, JAUS, etc.

Safety Direct

Safety Direct Features Safety Direct Rugged Enclosure


The Safety Direct has three E-stop modes: a RUN mode, a PAUSE mode, and a DISABLE mode. Run and pause can be controlled at will, remotely causing the vehicle to start and
stop operations. Disable is very similar to an E-stop actuation and requires that it be reset at the vehicle and NOT at the remote control location.

The vehicle responds to the E-stop outputs as follows:
• E-stop RUN mode enables the vehicle for movement.
• E-stop PAUSE mode brings the motion of the vehicle to
a prompt stop, with brakes applied to hold the vehicle
even on a slope. The vehicle should be ready to resume
forward motion when the E-stop re-enters RUN
• E-stop DISABLE mode brings the vehicle to a prompt
stop and shuts down all propulsion systems while
actively applying and maintaining the brakes.