Kairos Autonomi:Strap-on Autonomy Systems for Existing Vehicles

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What's New?

October 2016
Kairos participates in Army Warfighting Assessment 17.1 at Ft. Bliss, TX. AWA assesses new and emerging capabilities.


Oct 12-15, 2016
Kairos' products are on display at the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition in NASAM's Booth #W3-009.

1/3 Unmanned By 2015 Button

June 25, 2015
Kairos Begins The Push For 1/3 Unmanned By 2015 Campaign



Universal, Optionally Unmanned Ground Systems for Steering-wheel Based Vehicles or Vessels

RetroReach Manipulator Arm
The RetroReach Manipulator Arm is a stand-alone retrofit manipulator arm that enhances the functionality of a Pronto4 retrofitted mobility platform. Capable of performing high-maintenance operations, delivering payloads or moving small mobile robots closer to a drop-off point, the RetroReach Manipulator Arm has a wide range of applications on a number of vehicles.

Kawasaki Mule retrofitted with the Pronto4 System and the RetroReach Manipulator Arm
A Kawasaki Mule retrofitted with the Pronto4 Agnostic Autonomy System and the RetroReach Manipulator Arm.

  • Attaches to a standard hitch receiver on the front or back of the vehicle
  • Mobility platform retrofitted with the Pronto4™ Agnostic Autonomy System
  • Short-range wireless communications protocol
  • Can perform dangerous or EOD missions

RetroReach Manipulator Arm Specifications

  • Tele-operation or semi-autonomous operations
  • Near zero backlash of all rotary joints
  • Lifting capabilities exceeding 250 lbs.
  • Precise movement controls and high grip strength
  • Wide range of manipulator attachments for collecting and placing samples
  • Joint controls grouped for natural, coordinated motion
  • Simultaneous coordinated motion of multiple joints
  • Application specific with designs pulled from existing references and customer specifications
  • Power source is a simple electrical connection
  • Individually variable, joystick-controlled speed for each joint yielding precise manipulation of all joints
  • Single-sided, quick-change, accessory mounting system
  • Scalable arms are available to meet user needs