Kairos Autonomi:Strap-on Autonomy Systems for Existing Vehicles

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May 2015

We just finished up a great show at AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2015. Come see us at upcoming tradeshows Kairos will be at.
Kairos has released our Strategic Plan Brochure  for 2015, it's available for an easy download along with many other documentation on our downloads page.
Kairos has released video of a Pronto4 Uomo installation. It is available on our YouTube page and our our videos page
Our downloads page has great information about our products. Give it a look to see if our products can help you.
Kairos Autonomi Retains Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Rick Lynch As Special Advisor For Military Robotics Programs. Have a look at our press release to learn more.
Kairos Autonomi Honored with Robotic Business Review Game Changer Award with our Uomo. Our press release has more information.
We just released a new corporate video, visit our videos page to watch it.
We have released a new product, the Pronto4 Uomo! Check out our Uomo press release for more information, or download the Uomo data sheet.
Kairos Autonomi has moved into a new global headquarters to facilitate the company's rapid growth. Kairos Autonomi has become the largest robotic manufacturer by volume of full-size unmanned ground vehicle systems in the world.
Kairos Autonomi Introduces new tele-op only kit for unmanned moving target destructive test or training operations.
Kairos Autonomi Introduces its high performance Aetheric radio.
Kairos Autonomi releases new Pronto4 product innovations.
Kairos Autonomi creates robot for disaster relief efforts.

Pronto4 Series 4: Robotics Applique Kit


Kairos Autonomi was recently featured on Engineering TV. See more videos of Kairos Autonomi unmanned vehicles on our YouTube page.

Kairos Autonomi thinks differently about autonomy. Rather than build expensive, purpose-built systems, Kairos Autonomi produces high-quality, cost-effective solutions that can be retrofitted or "strapped-on" to any existing vehicle or vessel that has a steering wheel. Effectively create a fleet of optionally unmanned, tele-operation or semi-autonomous ground vehicles to handle a host of operations.

  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Training Requirements
  • Moving Land Targets
  • Range Clearance
  • Convoy Lead / Follow
  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Anything dull, dirty or dangerous
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The Ground Vehicle Autonomy Tour continues to roll across the United States. We have been throughout the country performing demos with one of our unmanned ground vehicles. Check out our travel log to see where we have been. We will update the log with maps generated from our ProntoMimic software that show the autonomous routes we drove. Check back often for updates!

Unmanned Ground Vehicle powered by the Pronto4 system